From a comprehensive induction, to ongoing training and support, our team will give you the tools and guidance to grow all areas of your business.

Your Induction

To get your new business going, you will spend a full day with our induction team to ensure you are ready for success!

Getting Set Up

We'll work with you over your on-boarding period to ensure you have everything you need to run your business. This includes but not limited to uniform, equipment etc.

Ongoing Training

Ongoing personal development sessions and the chance to acquire specialist fitness skills are just some of the ways that Whoosh will help you to stay at the top of your game.

Your Safety

Hard-working trainers are the key to the success of Whoosh and provide the foundation for the elevated experience we strive to deliver with every session. That’s why making sure trainers feel respected and protected is a high priority. Cashless transactions and no anonymous clients are just two of things we've done to help keep you safe.

Business Marketing

Ensuring your marketing is on brand and consistent is key to helping you build your business. 

We'll have your opening kit ready for day 1, but like anything the more you actively market yourself the more successful your Whoosh business will be! 

Whoosh Client Rewards

Rewarding clients can be a mammoth job just in itself. Tracking loyalty, planning rewards can be a burden on your working week. 

Let Whoosh Rewards make your life easier by keeping your clients in the loop with gifts, redemptions and give aways all based on sessions qty trained. 

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