by Brenton Wells

February 13, 2019

It's time to keep learning

So you've completed your personal training course congratulations!  But don't think this will be the end of your learning.  Becoming a personal trainer is one of the best career's that you could choose to do.  Being a great PT is about the connections that you create with your clients.  The next part is having really great sound knowledge of how to train clients by meeting the needs of every different goal that you may come across. 

One of the hard things to grasp about the fitness industry is how quickly and ever changing it has become.  In order keep up with this speed of change it's important to continue your learning within the industry.  But where do you start in trying to figure out what education you should be doing? 


There is so many courses out there so where should you start?  Courses aren't particularly cheap, so choosing what's right for you is key.  Here is out tips on what education courses you should be doing as a priority. 

1. Where do you train clients?

Do you train in a gym, in a park, on the beach or even in peoples homes?  Knowing where you'll be training will easily allow you to figure out what you should start researching in the way of education.  For example if you're an outdoor trainer than try finding Outdoor courses.  These will directly relate to your surroundings and give you the best bang for your buck. 

2. What is your target clientele?

Are you training clients for weight loss, strength, flexibility, body building, new mums or older age groups?  Are your majority of clients women or men?  So as you can see depending on what your target clients are will be where you need to target your knowledge when it comes to choosing education courses.  If more of your clients are wanting to lose weight then your research on courses needs to start around this category. 

3. What are your interests in the industry?

Being interested in the reasons "why" you want to help people is key.  Not only will this help your clients, but because you're also interested in the info this will show when training clients.  Knowing the "why" will also help you to target your research around which education courses you can start with.  

4.  You should never stop learning!

Becoming a personal trainer is great, but it's a career that you can never stop learning.  Even if it's just reading a fitness blog, fitness mag or getting yourself booked into education courses these will all help your skill level to have more knowledge to help more groups of people. 

Stepping outside your day to day movements of being a PT will help you do networking with others in the industry and you will potentially meet life long friends.  So we absolutely encourage you to get involved in new training and skills for yourself this year.  Plan them into your schedule well in advance so you know that across the year you are getting great new content and resources for yourself and your clients. 

Keep up the great work out there and don't stop learning!

Brenton Wells

fitness personal trainer blogger

Founder @ Whoosh Fitness

Brenton Wells

The fitness industry can be a very daunting and unapproachable industry to those outside looking in. It's Brenton's passion to help all people, regardless of race, sexuality and fitness level understand the benefits of leading a healthy fitness balanced life. Knowing he couldn't do it all by himself, he now has a highly trusted team of Whoosh trainers to help the wider community and spreading the word that fitness can be affordable and fun!

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