Keys to being a Successful Personal Trainer

November 8, 2018

Connections are Key to being a Successful Personal Trainer

Connections are a huge part in being a successful PT in today’s market. The fitness industry is hugely transient with hundreds of PT’s entering and leaving the market every year and now being swamped by online training guides can you really make a lasting impression?  It’s more important than ever to ensure you are securing your network of clients.  

What you can deliver personally to a client that an online program can’t is realness.  You are a real person connecting with another real person.  Ensuring you are connecting quickly with a client will set you up for success.  30mins isn’t typically a huge amount of time to make a deep connection with a client.  Especially when you’re engaging them to participate in activities that can feel hard, unusual, confronting and not to mention for most, not the most enjoyable thing to do. 

What steps do you need to take?

So as a PT how do you go about making a quick solid connection with your client?  What steps do you need to take to ensure you are giving that client a lasting impression and setting yourself up for success?  Because simply put you can be the most ripped or toned PT but if you can’t connect with people then you’re pretty much up a creek without a paddle.

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The problem with many PT courses are they are top heavy theory based.  What's the problem I hear you ask?  Surely theory is a great thing to ensure new trainers actually know what they're supposed to do?  Whilst this is true and hugely important you can’t dismiss that real life skills are also just as important.

So how do you connect with people?  What are the tips and tricks you need to ensure you’re cementing your business now and well into the future?

Our top 10 points on how to be a more connected Personal Trainer


It seems pretty basic, but we’ve all seen PT’s that act like heroes.  They tend to come across as rude and potentially slightly up themselves.  A large portion of your client base will NOT respond to this type of personality and after 1 session may not return.  So it’s time to take a serious look in the mirror and figure out how real you are.


Again logical however it’s surprising how many PT’s don’t actually greet their clients with their name.  Saying hello with their name cements a connection, builds rapport and trust that is ongoing.  


Learn about your client by using open ended questions.  Any questions that get your client talking openly means you’re onto a winner.  Open ended questions are any questions that don’t deliver a yes or no response, for example: 

  • Tell me about a time when
  • How does that make you feel?
  • Where do you see your fitness in 6 months?
  • What changes are you prepared to make to achieve your goals?
  • Tell me about your weekend. 

You MUST listen to what your clients are wanting.  Everyone trains for different reasons.  Some people do it to hit fitness goals whilst others may do it so they can destress from work or enjoy a glass of wine over dinner.  If you disregard what your client is wanting and go off on your own merry little way the chances are your clients will not be around for long. 


Having compassion is a big thing.  It might be a huge step for your client to take up personal training sessions or group fitness.  They maybe overweight, have eating issues or even mental health issues (depression, anxiety etc).  Being compassionate and understanding will show your caring side.  Even if they aren’t in the best headspace this is an opportunity to building a bigger connection with them.


PT’s think that a client must be talking and communicating throughout the whole session.  In reality everyone is different and a lot of clients want to come in, smash out a workout with you with little to no “chit chat”.  If you force conversation onto someone that’s not wanting to be overly chatty you run the risk of losing them very quickly.


As a trainer myself there is nothing worse then seeing PT’s that don’t seem interested in the session they are delivering to their clients.  People are paying good money to train with you, so give the client the time they deserve.


People like to talk and know about you and why you became a PT.  It’s no secret (well hopefully not) so tell clients your story.  People become more attached to you when they can see and feel that you’re genuine, honest and wanting to help them on their journey.  They also respect you even more if you have commonality with their fitness journey because it means you can directly assist them with theirs. 


Even when a client is struggling always be encouraging.  Sometimes a bit of extra encouragement can go a long way to helping your client smash out their session.  Bring to light one of their goals to help their motivation.  Nothing creates connections more than when you recall info from previous conversations.  This shows you actually care and have listened to what they are after in regards to their health and fitness goals.


Ensuring you congratulate your clients on a job well done will leave them feeling great about themselves. As humans we love nothing more than positive reinforcement and a simple congratulations at the end of a session can be enough to leave a lasting memory of you and your session in your clients mind. 

So if you want to become a better connected PT with your clients this top 10 list is a great way to going about it in the right ways.

Try putting some of them into action and let us know how you go? 

Until next time,

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Keys to being a Successful Personal Trainer

Connections are Key to being a Successful Personal TrainerConnections are a huge part in being a successful PT in today’s market. The fitness industry is hugely transient with hundreds of PT’s entering and leaving the market every year and now being swamped by online training guides can you really make a lasting impression?  It’s more […]