by Brenton Wells

June 9, 2020

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Is Personal Training a Good Career?

You’re on the edge, peering over ever so cautiously and wondering if entering the world of being a PT is a good career choice. The economy has slowed down, thousands of people have lost their jobs, there’s not as much disposable income available for people to spend on things like personal training. Sounds like doom and gloom doesn’t it? But is it really?

You’ve had enough of working a 9-5 job with that ‘sucking the life out of you’ feeling. You don’t feel fulfilled and the only thing you’re enjoying right now is the gym and your fitness. In the back of your mind you see other PT’s working and think.. ‘you know what I think I’d love doing that’.

With the ease of google you’ve sussed out some PT courses that would suit your current life and schedule. It will be a balancing act for the next few months because you still have bills to pay, put food on the table and keep the roof over your head. But you hesitate… Before you hit on the payment of your course you’re still wondering is it really for me. Can being a PT be a great career?

Most people have the same feeling, don’t worry! Before you make the leap there are definitely some key things you need to think about. Hopefully after I take you through some of the pro’s and con’s I’m hoping that you’ll be able to jump out of your chair, hit sign up and get the ball rolling on your future!

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    Personal vs Business.

    There are differences to loving going to the gym for your own personal benefit vs going to work and training clients. That once found passion for fitness can dwindle over time and even hinder your own fitness progress. Creating your new career choice with balance will ensure you will enjoy the best of both worlds. You need to find your current underlying reasons why currently you’re not feeling fulfilled with your current job and apply those reasons to being a Personal Trainer. Once applying those reasons as a Personal Trainer and the outcome is favourable stop waiting and get going on your course!

    It’s certainly NOT a 9-5 job.  

    This little chestnut is definitely a double edged sword. Some people (like myself) love the flexibility of not having a regular schedule and are happy to not be stuck inside 4 walls for a 8-10hour block of time. Others may struggle with applying structure to their life in this aspect and can find this type of life/work a massive distraction. You’ll regularly have split shifts across your day and week, this is just the nature of being a PT.

    You’ll be working when every one else isn’t.   

    Split shifts (as mentioned above) are a big part of being a Personal Trainer. It’s not uncommon for a PT to be out of bed at 430-5am to be ready for the day ahead. Typically most PT’s will be busy between 6-9am | midday-2pm | 5-8pm. This is what a PT’s daily schedule can look like. However on a positive you get amazing parts of the day that you can go and enjoy at your own leisure.

    Being a PT is more than just physically training the client.   

    From programming to assisting people with their food programs there’s more to being a PT than just the training aspect. This is the part that a lot of people don’t consider when becoming a PT. If you want your clients to progress and achieve their goals they need a well designed program that you’ve spent time working on. Also understanding how to train people with/or around injuries is a huge part of time that is taken in programming. Ultimately we become PT’s to help people and this is just part of the job. 

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    It’s a people focussed business.   

    If you aren’t a people person then being a PT probably isn’t for you. You are around people for most of the day and your energy needs to be just as high at 5am as 7pm. Ensuring you can build connection and trusting relationships quickly is a key to ensuring your longevity in the industry. If you can’t connect with people you’re going to have a big up hill battle to retain clients. The connection side is what I love about being a PT. Seeing people’s smiling faces when they come to train with you, or doing a bit of a boogie in between boxing reps to some J-Lo on an oval is always a highlight. Clients are all very individual and that’s how they should be treated, but they have the power to bring energy to your day too.

    You need to be a good listener.  

    Being a good listener is a major attribute to being a great PT. Some conversations can be extremely personal that come from clients. Being a good listener will show the client compassion, trust and respect. Sometimes sessions aren’t always just about smashing out burpees. 

    Not everyone wants to train how you do.  

    Understanding that people come to PT’s for different reasons is a big hurdle a lot of new trainers experience. You may love personally training a certain way and yes you may gain a following for that training, however it doesn’t mean everyone wants that. For example you may be into weightlifting and a client is coming to you for general fitness. Realising you need to change your style of training for the client is key to not only their success but also your success as a PT. 

    What you put in is what you’ll get out.  

    Being a PT can be a very cut throat business. But as the saying goes what you put into your career you’ll be rewarded from it. Whether its monetary, mood building, feeling free or just feeling engaged in what you do, being a PT could be the best decision you’ve ever made!

Being a PT is a GREAT career if you go into it for the right reasons. If you love people, love fitness, love seeing people become confident and love seeing people change for the better than becoming a PT is for you. 

Helping people feel great inside and out is my passion and motivation for why I do what I do. There’s no better feeling than the smile someone has when they’ve achieved a goal and they’re feeling great within themselves. Ultimately this is what get’s me out of bed everyday and allows me to sleep well at night. 

Again, I didn’t write the 8 points above to scare you away from being a personal trainer.  I feel it’s important that before you make the leap into the world of personal training that you understand what makes a great and successful PT. Also remember, if you aren’t confident in one of the points above you can always personally work on them to overcome the obstacle that you may have. 

From all of us with-in the Personal Training industry we welcome you to starting your new career and enjoying in what the future holds for you. 

- Brenton

Brenton Wells

The fitness industry can be a very daunting and unapproachable industry to those outside looking in. It's Brenton's passion to help all people, regardless of race, sexuality and fitness level understand the benefits of leading a healthy fitness balanced life. Knowing he couldn't do it all by himself, he now has a highly trusted team of Whoosh trainers to help the wider community and spreading the word that fitness can be affordable and fun!

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