Build Your Support Network

September 9, 2020

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Building A Support Network

Ever thought to yourself, I wish there was someone I could reach out to? Someone you could ask a business related question? Building your business influenced support network can help you improve not only your business but also yourself. 

But how do you build a network and where do you start? We've got some simple tips that you could start implementing today to get you on your way. 

Figure out the purpose

To many times people just build a network for the sake of having the most amount of friends or the most amount of followers. Even though this can be self satisfying the question remains that if you needed to reach out to one of these people would they be willing to give their time to assist and help you? If your answer, it maybe time to take a step back and figure out the purpose of your network. 

If building a successful personal training business is your goal than having a well formed network with industry leaders, experts and other similar professionals is the way to go. It will fill your social streams with content and tips that will help you to be a better business owner and leader.

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Always Be Professional

You would think this is just common sense, however you'd be suprsised how many people don't keep it professional when they reach out. With most networking being done online being respectful is key to forging a great relationship. 

  • Always respect the persons time. Remember they are busy too and may not be able to assist when you specifically require it.
  • Strike a balance of letting them understand what you need, but in a timely manner. Most professionals appreciate people getting to the point. Again it comes back to respecting the time of the other person.
  • Never speak negative about another professional. It may not come back to bite you today, but you'll find in most industries these people will know one another. Don't be caught out being the 'he said, she said' person.
  • Always thank the person for the assistance and time that they've given. Regardless of how big or small your question's response is, appreciation is key to building a strong relationship that may indeed help you in the future.
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Be original. Don't use pre written/formatted text in an intro message

I'm sure we've all had it on linked in before (or any online social form). Those generic "Hi I'm ...... we have people in common I'd love if we could connect". What I'd ask you is does this really set you apart from the rest? 

If you want to connect with somone, read an article they've written and send them a personal message to let them know how much you loved the info in 'X' blog and how it's really helped you. It helps to build rapport, respect and trust. Then you can ask for the connection. 

Using pre formatted introduction text comes across as lazy and unthoughtful and most times will just get you a delete rather than an add.

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Always think before you post

 Whilst all social platforms are different and require different levels of connection, you should ALWAYS think before you post. 

  • Never air your dirty laundry online - you never know who's seeing or reading
  • Be industry specific - If fitness is your profession keep it to that
  • Don't engage in never ending arguments
  • Always think - who do I want to see this? If it doesn't fit your network it's probably best to skip it.

Having a well rounded support network is a positive thing to have in your life. Knowing there are well respected people in your industry that you can reach out to for advice and direction is inspirational and grounding. Most people's nature is to help, but when they do make sure you always say thankyou for their advice and time. You could also do a notable thankyou social post which is always a nice touch. 

I'm a huge advocate of having a wholesome support network that I can reach out to, and I highly recommend you start building your network today.

-Until Next Time-

Keep moving, Have fun & Be Inspirational

Brenton Wells 

Brenton Wells

The fitness industry can be a very daunting and unapproachable industry to those outside looking in. It's Brenton's passion to help all people, regardless of race, sexuality and fitness level understand the benefits of leading a healthy fitness balanced life. Knowing he couldn't do it all by himself, he now has a highly trusted team of Whoosh trainers to help the wider community and spreading the word that fitness can be affordable and fun!

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