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February 6, 2019

Being a PT is more than just telling people what to do.

It's true.  Most people that become personal trainers really don't understand what being a PT is truely all about.  Just because you love fitness and exercise doesn't mean that you'll love training people day in day out.  There is a big difference of being a regular gym goer to being a PT.

We believe being a PT is one of the best jobs that you could possibly ever be doing with your working life.  You get to inspire, motivate, celebrate the wins and help people with their fitness and wellbeing. 

So lets get a few of the not so glamorous things out of the way.  We want you to be able to truely invest 100% of your focus on becoming the best personal trainer that you can be.

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1. Split shifts are most likely going to be the norm.

If you're someone that loves your Monday to Friday 9-5pm job then being prepared for a complete change to your life and schedule is inevitable.  Rarely do you ever hear of a PT working set hours like this.  PT's are usually busy when client's aren't.  This usually means you'll be busy early mornings, lunchtimes and evenings.  

2. You may fall out of love with fitness.

Just because you love exercise and fitness at the moment, it doesn't mean you will keep the same passion after you're a PT.  When you're in the industry day after day you can get yourself run down and de-motivated (just like any other job).  So you need to be certain that you want to help people with their journey.  No client's journeys are ever the same and neither are the reasons behind why the person is wanting to change.  Tackling these issues daily can become draining.  Learning how to process all the info in the right way is the key to longevity.

3. People will give you their full life download constantly.

There maybe times when you feel your client hits their download button about their life.  Being a personal trainer is a people's game and everyone trains for different reasons.  You need to understand this just comes with the job.  Some of your clients will be focused and others will just need you to help get them through their morning.  The key to all clients is using the word "understanding".  Be understanding and the rest will follow. 

4. You will do more hours outside of training clients.

Training client's is just one aspect of your daily tasks.  Prep work consists of writing up training plans, giving food advice and researching new exercises.  If you're doing 30-40 hours a week of training clients, on average be doing 5-10hours of prep work for all these sessions. 

5. Social situations will never be the same.

Anywhere you go people will ask you about quick fixes to their health and fitness situation.  Should they do more cardio, more weights, eat less carbs, eat more carbs, eat less meat... etc.  The reality is once you're qualified, people will find out what you do and will always ask you for free help.  Knowing how to tackle these situations before they happen is key to maintaining friendships and not offending anyone.  You also will understand there will be 100's of potential answers for what you may be getting asked.  Regardless of the answer you give most people probably will never put your info into action. 

But don't let this stop you from getting into the best industry going around.  We love the fitness industry and love helping people with their fitness and wellbeing.  How you look at the items above can make you a winner.  Turn each situation into a positive and make them work for you and your life balance.  We feel pretty confident that once in the industry you will see how amazing and rewarding being a Personal Trainer can be.  It's a very fulfilling career that will serve you well and truely into the future.

Keep Motivated | Keep focused and we can't wait to see you in the industry soon!

- Brenton Wells

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Founder @ Whoosh Fitness

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