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At Whoosh, we think it sucks that so many big gym chains rip off personal trainers with unrealistic rents or contracting arrangements that leave trainers feeling trapped in unfair and underpaid conditions. We meet too many PTs who entered the fitness industry with big dreams and quickly became disillusioned. Too many great PTs leave the industry too soon because they’re simply not earning enough to make ends meet.

We’re determined to make sure Whoosh is different. Whoosh empowers you to build your own business, whilst benefiting from the Whoosh system.

Automatic Payment Processing And Cancellations!

Let’s be honest, no one likes dealing with the exchange of money (who even carries cash anymore), or worse still the awkward conversations around charging a cancellation fee. So the Whoosh app handles it all for you. Clients can book and cancel all through the app. And payment is automatic and completely cashless.

Gain Access To Lucrative Group Fitness Sessions

Once you’ve established your credibility as a PT with Whoosh, you might choose to take on some premium specialised training sessions (Whoosh signature boxing maybe?), and after that there’s group sessions, boot camps, running clubs, or even corporate wellness sessions!

No Sales, No Cold Calling, No Ongoing Rent!

We think it’s pretty cheeky that gym chains expect you to pay them for the privilege of training their clients, while also expecting you to do all the work to get them to sign up for sessions; offer freebies; hand out coupons; make awkward phone calls; not to mention you’re limited to just the clients that they’ve managed to sign up for memberships. With Whoosh, anyone in your local area could be a potential client! And your royalty fee is deducted automatically by Whoosh only when your client is charged –no rent, no sales, no cold calling!

Pipeline Of Clients Where And When It Suits You

Whoosh is all about convenience. Train where you want, when you want. Simply set your home base location, identify parks in your local area where you might want to train, then load your availability so that potential clients in your area can book in to train with you.

Set Working Hours To Suit Your Own Schedule

Maybe you’re already working as a PT (for one of those gyms that’s ripping you off)? Or maybe you’re looking to break into the industry, but you can’t afford to give up your current job just yet? Or maybe you’re fully available and ready to work full time? Whatever your situation, with Whoosh you have the opportunity to lock in availability that suits you; early mornings; evenings; weekends; it’s your choice. Potential clients can then search, select and book at times that suit you both.

Take Control Of Your Earning Potential

You got into fitness because you’re passionate about it –but you also want to make money right? So Whoosh gives you access to an uncapped earning potential. The more you train, the more you earn –and your Whoosh royalty will only ever be a percentage of whatever your clients are charged. You’re empowered to open up your availability as much as you want, and provided you keep your client ratings high, you could gain access to lucrative group training sessions.

The Whoosh App

A disruptive geo location fitness app to connect you with clients.

Geo location

The geo-location functionality ensures that your potential clients are local to you.

Multiple locations

Clients can opt to train at home, at work, in local park, or even in their hotel room.

Message clients

Once a client makes a booking you’ll be able to message or call them via the app.

Set your availability

You’ll be able to set a weekly schedule that works for you.

Cashless transactions

All payments are handled through the app and are completely cashless.

Training notes

Enter records of your clients training session directly into the app.

Trainer Safety

Hard-working trainers are the key to the success of Whoosh and provide the foundation for the elevated experience we strive to deliver with every session. That’s why making sure trainers feel respected and protected is a high priority.

Cashless transactions protect you from risk

Fees are automatically charged to the customers credit card, so trainers can avoid the risk, hassle and awkwardness of dealing with cash transactions. This includes processing any cancellation fees.

Trainers Rate Customers

Trainer feedback counts, too. We’re not OK with any customer behavior that endangers themselves or others, or makes trainers concerned for their own safety. Customers who violate our terms of service may lose access to the Whoosh system.

No anonymous Customers

Before training with Whoosh, customers are required to create an account with their personal and payment information —and sessions can only be requested through our secure booking system, so there’s a detailed record of every customer and every session, including automatic pinpoint of your location.

Personalized Training

A comprehensive induction, ongoing personal development sessions and the chance to acquire specialist fitness skills are just some of the ways that Whoosh will help you to stay at the top of your game.

As you establish yourself at Whoosh, you may decide to pursue opportunities to take on premium specialised training or our bespoke corporate wellness programs. We’ll give you all the support you need to broaden your skills and grow your client numbers.

At Whoosh, we’ve achieved success by connecting authentically with our clients and delivering training sessions that are always fresh, never repetitive and pitched to the right level of comfort and challenge. Our ongoing development sessions are master classes in how to deliver training that your clients will rate 5 stars.

When you join Whoosh, you’ll be fully inducted. You’ll fully explore all aspects of the Whoosh system and learn how you can maximise your revenue. Our induction sessions are a recipe for PT success, with ingredients that cover business maximisation, customer psychology, marketing, training excellence, and health & safety.

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